About JROC


sunset heloJROC is a public-private partnership that provides continuously adaptable and open training grounds for law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest to gain the skills and experience they need to handle changing demands on public safety, including active shooter, mass casualty, and counterterrorism.
JROC Foundation is a veteran-owned registered non-profit organization. As a training center primarily for law enforcement and military, JROC requires no up-front public capital investment, can host more than 300 officers at once, and simulate nearly any real-world environment that they may encounter in their communities.

Who can train at JROC?

JROC was specifically selected and designed for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including fire departments, EMS, and Search and Rescue teams. For more than a decade people have trained on the site.

Who conducts the training at JROC?

Law enforcement agencies may bring their own certified trainers to the site, allowing them to control all their own scenarios within JROC’s standard range safety plans.

Why is this training center needed?

Agencies currently have limited access to secluded live-fire ranges that cater to all shooting disciplines and are exclusively used by law enforcement and military. Indoor range shooting is effective for marksmanship skills but is not ideal for the reality-based training needed to prepare agencies for modern, real-world challenges. JROC allows agencies to conduct all needed shooting requirements, as well as train with explosives, smoke and tear gas.